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Want to know what is happening downtown? From new construction to unique family events, there is always something new. Use the tools here to stay up-to-date. Then, spread the word about exciting developments downtown!

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Reinvigorating downtown takes passion, energy and dedication. It also takes a financial investment. As an investor of Our Town Coshocton, you will be instrumental in moving our community forward. If you can’t give money but still want to help, volunteer and help spread the word about all of the great things happening downtown.

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  • With support, we can bring new energy to the downtown and benefit the community in many different ways.
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What is Our Town Coshocton?

Our Town Coshocton is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, revitalizing, and promoting historic Coshocton County. Our Town Coshocton is responsible for the Coshocton First Friday Celebrations among other annual events throughout the year.
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About Us

Our Town Coshocton embraces the Main Street Approach® promoting Coshocton as a hometown community and important County Seat. We do this by utilizing the Main Street® principles that have been successful throughout Ohio and the country.

Our Mission

To strengthen our community by revitalizing Downtown.

Our Vision

To honor our historic atmosphere with contemporary collaboration to encourage growth of Coshocton County. Our energy will focus on keeping the correct balance of retail, professionals, tourism, events, and housing in our downtown district.

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